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Library Collection

The University of Toronto Libraries’ world-class holdings, from ancient books to modern digital archives, empower our brightest minds to uncover the knowledge that will shape our future. U of T has Canada’s largest academic library, the University of Toronto’s system of over 40 libraries supports the learning, research and teaching for almost 100,000 students and faculty. The Libraries’ collections include over 15 million volumes in more than 340 languages. Canada’s premier rare book library, our Thomas Fisher Rare Book Library, holds magnifi­cent collections ranging from a BCE 1789 Babylonian cuneiform tablet to works of contemporary Canadian writers.

The Library Collection is a collaboration between Trademark Licensing, U of T Libraries and the U of T Bookstore. It is a collection of gifting merchandise that showcases reproductions of the beautiful holdings in our library system. This includes stunning imagery from the Thomas Fisher Rare Book Library and our archives, as well as generic merchandise to unite all U of T “book nerds”. The aesthetic goal is to create merchandise akin to what you might find in a museum gift shop. A portion of the proceeds from this program will also go back to support the library.