Designs & Ordering Merchandise

For Faculty and Staff

How to Order Merchandise


Find a supplier

Choose a licensed supplier from our list. Feel free to contact multiple licensees for quotes.

The TML Of­fice reserves the right to refuse the production of a product deemed inappropriate. If you need help finding a supplier or sourcing a specific brand, please contact us


create artwork

Select a mark or create artwork. Each faculty/department must use their designated offi­cial mark. Please contact the TML Of­fice if you are unsure what mark to use or need help creating artwork


approve artwork

All artwork must be approved by the TML Of­fice prior to production. Please ensure this artwork is sent to


get your merch!

Production + delivery of your items

Faculty / Staff

Branded merchandise

Merchandise is often ordered by departments and faculties to build affinity amongst current students, alumni and donors to the University. This ‘swag’ is an important extension of the University brand and should correctly reflect the overall tone and message of the University.

All departments and faculties are permitted to purchase promotional merchandise with University of Toronto marks. Each department/faculty should use their official signature or contact the Trademark Licensing Office to discuss alternative options. Those departments falling under ‘Central Administration’ are permitted to use the Official U of T signature based on approval from the Trademark Licensing Office. Specialized logos or marks are strictly forbidden unless they have been approved by the Brand Hub. To see all University brand guidelines, download the U of T Style Guide.

All merchandise must be ordered through a licensed vendor.

If you need help designing or obtaining official marks for merchandise, please contact the TML Office.

Faculty / Staff

University Brand Guidelines

Here are some standard rules that apply to all University merchandise. If you are unsure or feel you have an exception, please contact the Trademark Licensing Of­fice to discuss.

  • All merchandise that bears the of­ficial marks or name of the University or any of its buildings, faculties or programs, must be ordered through a licensed supplier.
  • Faculties and departments are NOT permitted to create their own visual identity (logo).
  • All University of Toronto marks must be used in their entirety and cannot be altered in any way.
  • U of T trademarks are registered and protected by the University of Toronto and can only be used for official university business.
  • If you are looking for a specifi­c item or brand, please reach out to the TML Offi­ce as we can help identify possible licensees that can supply that merchandise. Many times our licensees can provide the exact same merchandise as other suppliers. We must ensure we are ordering through a licensed vendor.
  • All uses of the University or department names or signatures must be approved by the TML Office prior to production.
  • Each department must use their faculty or department signature. If your program does not have it’s own signature, please contact the TML Offi­ce to discuss your options.
  • Offi­cial University signatures should be used for all marketing materials and not be combined with any other logo or visual elements.
  • U of T marks cannot be distorted, manipulated, covered or expropriated.
  • If you don’t want to use the offi­cial University signature, you are permitted to use the name of the University and your department in plain text. We prefer the Trade Gothic Bold Condensed No. 20 font. For more information on this, contact the TML Offi­ce.
  • Any questions about the use of offi­cial or unoffi­cial marks can be sent directly to the TML Of­fice for comment.
Safe space examples with the U of T logo


Quick Tips

  • The of­ficial colours of the University are navy blue (PMS 655) and white. It is always preferred that the merchandise is in navy blue, white, black or grey. Of­ficial marks can only be imprinted in white, black and PMS 655.
  • The minimum safe space around the mark is half the height of the crest. No other visual elements or logos should appear with offi­cial marks. All exceptions must be approved by the Trademark Licensing Of­fice.
  • If you are unsure what marks to use for your department/program, please contact the Trademark Licensing Of­fice.
  • Be aware of the item’s imprint area. Certain small items like pens and USBs have small imprint areas and won’t be able to include lots of information or reproduce the University crest.


U of T Style Guide

For general questions and inquiries about the U of T brand
and guidelines unrelated to merchandise, please: