Trademark Licensing
U of T branded keychains

Use of Trademarks

University of Toronto trademarks cannot be used without the prior written consent of the University which may be withheld at the University’s sole discretion.

University of Toronto trademarks can only be used for official University business.

Under no circumstances can U of T trademarks be used in marketing, advertising, publicity, solicitations, news releases or promotions which have been disapproved or not approved by the University.

Please keep in mind that University of Toronto principal marks cannot be distorted, manipulated, covered or expropriated. University of Toronto trademarks are registered and protected by law.

Any division, individual, group, company, or organization, on-campus or off, interested in ordering U of T branded products for promotional use must place the order with authorized licensed suppliers who are contractually obligated to abide by the University’s Trademark Licensing Program. Learn more about ordering U of T branded products.

For external individuals and groups interested in purchasing U of T products, please visit the University of Toronto Bookstore.

For full details about our Marks and their Rules of Use, see the Protected Marks section of the website.