Trademark Licensing
U of T branded keychains

Student Group Merchandise

Student groups are not permitted to use any official University of Toronto marks. They are permitted to use the school name, assuming they are a registered student group or club (for a full list of registered campus groups, see Ulife). The merchandise purchased must be for promotional use only, and cannot be sold for a retail profit. The marks must appear as a word mark, with no specialized characters or images. Specialized logos or marks are strictly forbidden. Any exception to these rules must be approved by the Trademark Licensing Office.

Each student group wishing to purchase merchandise must have written consent from a faculty/departmental adviser. If there isn’t one, please contact the Trademark Licensing Office to get in touch with the departmental communications team.

Student groups who wish to purchase a specific brand (ex: American Apparel, Roots) should contact the Trademark Licensing Office directly.

The same rules of use apply to all University of Toronto marks. Please respect the safe space and do not alter or manipulate the marks in any way.

Only licensed suppliers may be used to purchase merchandise. Products deemed inappropriate will not be permitted.

Any questions, please contact the Trademark Licensing Office