Trademark Licensing
U of T branded keychains

Retail Marks

University of Toronto marks used in retail marketing including apparel, merchandise and promotional products are divided into three brand categories: Official, Fashion and Athletic

All artwork intended for retail marketing is required to be verified by the Trademark Licensing Office.

OFFICIAL ______________________________________________________________________________
Official apparel and merchandise use only the formal University visual identity which include University signatures, word marks and letter marks and must adhere to all graphic standards.

  1. The use of the University crest is exclusively reserved for the official brand.
  2. For small imprint areas, there is a simplified version of the crest available as a Simplified Signature to compliment crest reproduction in small sizes.
  3. For even smaller imprint areas where crest reproduction is not possible (pen barrels, embossing/debossing on leather, etc.) , use of the single line word mark and stacked word mark will be permitted by approval only.
  4. Transparent signatures are available for specific product branding applications requiring single color artwork, lasering or engraving and applications on natural products such as leather, canvas, stone (marble, granite, etc.)
  5. A custom signature is only available for items of a formal nature that require the use of the crest but cannot accommodate the official signature (lapel pins, cuff links, etc.)
  6. Rarely will the university crest appear alone and not as part of a signature. On those occasions where it does appear alone, somewhere on the product, the official word mark must also appear (i.e. front of tie has crest, back of tie has word mark and front of leather jacket has crest, back has word mark)
  7. Text must always be in Centaur font

Fashion apparel and merchandise use elements of the University visual identity but are intended to change and reflect current fashion trends and contemporary culture.

  1. Fashion artwork cannot under any circumstances reflect the official and athletic brands. This artwork is distinctly different from the official and athletic brands and must reflect current retail trends.
  2. The library of approved Fashion marks will not exceed 25 marks, (ideally limited to 20) at any given time.
  3. Artwork will be determined in conjunction with the Bookstore.
  4. Fashion Library subject to annual review.

Athletic apparel and merchandise using the Athletic T, Varsity Blues and other pre-approved athletic marks.

  1. The Faculty of Kinesiology & Physical Education (PHYS-ED) must approve any and all uses of athletic marks.
  2. Use of athletic marks automatically identifies that artwork, product or item as belonging to or affiliated with PHYS-ED.
  3. The Athletic brand includes Varsity Blues, PHYS-ED, Varsity and Blues.
  4. The University crest is not to be used in conjunction with the athletic brand.