Trademark Licensing
U of T branded keychains


The University’s visual identity plays an important role in shaping the institutional image of the University of Toronto. The University’s marks, reputation and brand are important assets that need to be capitalized and managed. Establishing a consistent visual impression of the University will enhance its reputation to our internal, national and international audiences.

The Trademark Licensing Program is intended to:

  1. Promote and increase the visibility of the University of Toronto by ensuring that the reproduction of U of T marks are fair and proper representations of the actual crests or logos
  2. Ensure that improper uses of marks are stopped
  3. Certify that products bearing University of Toronto marks are of good quality and made in a manner consistent with the values of the University

The product branding standards and guidelines described within this website were developed to ensure the Trademark Licensing Program supports the university’s visual identity and ensures brand continuity for retail and promotional products in a consistent, cohesive and effective manner.

Only authorized divisions, groups and individuals of the University are permitted to reproduce U of T trademarks. Use of U of T trademarks is only permitted for official University business. Any unauthorized use in copying, transmission, disclosure, publicity, solicitations, news releases or advertising without the expressed written consent of the University is strictly prohibited and protected by law. University of Toronto principal marks cannot be distorted, manipulated, covered or expropriated.

All royalties generated through the licensing program are intended for community and campus development projects directed through Ancillary Services. The program is not intended to profit from non-commercial promotions that occur on campus. U of T divisions, authorized individuals, recognized student groups and other recognized organizations are exempt from royalties provided insignia goods are not sold for personal gain and adhere to the guidelines set for by the University.

The program also answers questions and provides guidance to the U of T community regarding the use of U of T trademarks and assists University departments, student organizations and other recognized groups in finding appropriate and affordable U of T branded promotional products.