Trademark Licensing
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Official Marks

The University of Toronto Trademark Licensing program oversees and enforces any and all trademarks of The University of Toronto. This includes, but is not limited to, the principal signature, all departmental marks, works marks, letter marks and athletic branding for all 3 campuses. For a complete list of trademarks owned by the University of Toronto, please see Canadian Intellectual Property Office.

U of T Logo Examples

Signatures are principal marks that combine the University crest and word mark. Signatures are the University’s preferred primary identifiers and are used in both general and formal product branding.

Word Marks are principal marks that use the University name without the crest. Word marks are used as secondary applications to signatures and are only used for product branding when a signature will not reproduce well.

Letter Marks are principal marks that use the University’s initials without the crest. Letter marks are the most informal of principal university marks and are used as tertiary applications to signatures and word marks.

The Trademark Licensing Office owns all rights to any mark that uses the words ‘University of Toronto’, ‘U of T’, ‘UToronto’ or any other reference to any of our campuses, departments or affiliated colleges, whether in an official mark or not. All use must be approved by the Trademark Licensing Office.

All University of Toronto marks must be used in their entirety and cannot be altered in any way. Any exceptions to these rules in the use of U of T marks for product branding, retailing and/or promotions must be approved by the Trademark Licensing Office. Please keep in mind that U of T marks cannot be distorted, manipulated, covered or expropriated. U of T trademarks are registered and protected by the University of Toronto and can only be used for official university business.