Trademark Licensing
U of T branded keychains

Colours and Fonts


The official color of the University of Toronto is PMS 655 blue. Consistent use of this color is an effective means of projecting a unified image of the University.

University of Toronto principal marks must appear in a solid color. U of T principal marks are ideally presented in PMS 655 blue but can be depicted in a solid single color application such as black, white, silver or gold in appropriate circumstances.

Use of U of T marks in a single color application (other than black and white) for product branding must be approved by the Trademark Licensing Office.

U of T colour palette table


The official University font is Centaur. University principal marks such as signatures, word marks and letter marks use a custom version of the Centaur font.

Using the Centaur font requires a font license to be purchased from a font foundry. U of T divisions and community members are individually responsible for securing the necessary licenses.

An acceptable substitute font for Centaur is Times New Roman, which is included with most computer operating systems and does not require the purchase of any additional licenses.

Font name: Centaur
Use: Primary Typeface

U of T official font example

Font name: Times New Roman
Use: Acceptable substitute font

Times New Roman font example