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The University of Toronto promotes an anti-sweatshop campus and expects all official licensees to adhere to the policies and codes of conduct. For details on these policies, please see our Policies + Code of Conduct section.

The University of Toronto is proud to welcome Collegiate Licensing Company to our licensing team. They provide licensing representation to over 250 universities and colleges, and have been doing so for over 15 years. With their knowledge and experience we hope to bring valuable resources to the U of T community. We will work together to protect the school’s mark and promote brand recognition throughout the community. All applications should be sent directly to Collegiate Licensing Company as they will handle the administration of the licensing.

For general information on licensing, please visit:

STEP BY STEP LICENSING GUIDE______________________________________________________________

Step 1: Licensing Application

To begin your licensing process, please contact Learfield Licensing to obtain a copy of the License Application.
Tim Klaasen –

There are two main types of licensee: Standard and Restricted

Standard: Supplies merchandise for resale through the University of Toronto Bookstore. All merchandise that is for resale is subject to 8% royalties.
Restricted:Supplies merchandise to the University for promotional use only. This license gives authorization to  supply to individual departments, student groups and Varsity & intercollegiate teams.

*NB* Each list is kept separate and each licensee may only be on one list.


Step 2: Insurance

Product liability insurance is required for all licenses. Once you have been approved, Learfield Licensing will contact you about the product liability insurance requirements for licensing. Learfield Licensing is committed to assisting insurance agents/providers in their efforts to provide the required insurance coverage to their licensee clients. Insurance is required to help protect the licensee, the University, and Learfield in the case of any claims of damages or defects related to the collegiate licensed merchandise, as well as other liability claims.

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Step 3: License Agreement

After you’ve met the insurance requirements and Learfield Licensing has received all documentation, a license agreement will be issued. Once you’ve signed and returned original copies of the agreement, you will be contacted about artwork submission and product labels.


Step 4: Artwork Approvals

The University of Toronto requires all licensees to set up an account with Approvals on Demand (AOD) (a free service to all licensees), an online tool for digital artwork submission. AOD allows licensees to submit all product designs digitally for institutional review. Learfield Licensing will facilitate this process.

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Step 5: Labeling

All licensed products that are for resale must contain a hang tag or sticker with the Officially Licensed Collegiate Products (OLCP) label and also information identifying the manufacturer and their contact information. Please visit this link for the Labeling page for more details and the OLCP label order form.

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