Trademark Licensing
U of T branded keychains

Artwork Approval Process

Step 1: Choose a Licensee

Visit our Licensee List and choose a licensee. Feel free to contact multiple licensees for quotes. The Trademark Licensing Office can provide direction if you are looking for a specific item or brand. You may also purchase product directly from the U of T Bookstore.

We offer a large, comprehensive licensee list that offers virtually any branded product. If however, you cannot find what you are looking for, please contact the Trademark Licensing Office and we’ll do our best to source that product or manufacturer for you.

Please note that the Trademark Licensing Office reserves the right to refuse the production of a product that may be deemed inappropriate.


Step 2: Select a Mark

Each faculty at the University has a designated official signature that they are required to use on merchandise. Those departments falling under ‘Central Administration’ are permitted to use the official U of T signature based on approval from the Trademark Licensing Office. If you would prefer to not use the official signature, you are permitted to use the name of your faculty and University of Toronto as long as it does not appear in conjunction with a ‘specialized logo’ and uses a ‘non-official’ font. The use of these marks must be approved by the Trademark Licensing Office.

Student groups are not permitted to use official school marks. They may use the name of their faculty/department and the school name with the express consent of the Trademark Licensing Office and their faculty communications department. Students who wish to purchase merchandise need written approval from their department before using any trademarks (including the name of the department or University). For information on who to contact within your faculty/department, please contact the Trademark Licensing Office.

If you’d like your artwork reviewed for viability in advance of submitting for approval, please feel free to contact the Office of Trademark Licensing.

Under NO circumstance is the crest to be separated from the Official Signature. For a full list of the rules, see our Rules for Use section.


Step 3: Approval + Artwork Upload

Once you have chosen your product, seen a mockup of the item and are happy with moving forward, the licensee will upload the artwork onto our system for approval. Every order must be approved by the Trademark Licensing Office before being put into production. Our office is under the assumption that once artwork is uploaded it has been approved by the person ordering it.

It is your responsibility to keep in touch with your vendor. When the order is released into production, you will not be notified.

We make every effort to approve all artwork within 48 hours. We suggest you allow a few weeks of lead time in case of unforeseen circumstances.


Step 4: Production

Once the artwork has been approved by the Trademark Licensing Office, the licensee will receive communication to put the order into production.